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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Annnndd We Have A Composer!

Hey Everyone

I am pleased to announce that Garrett Crosby has officially signed on to score "Between the Forest and the Field". We have already started preliminary discussions about the score and I am beyond excited to work with him. His credits and qualifications are incredible, not forgetting to mention the fact that he is extremely passionate and ready to dive into making one hell of a score for this film. So please check out his bio and website, which are listed below.


One of the Co-founders and lead composers of ReelScore Productions; Garrett has been recognized as one of Southern California’s most prolific up and coming film composers of his time. His experience in film scoring can be credited from the student level to the professional level and his passion and love of music can be heard on every soundtrack written from his home studio in Hollywood California. His unique ability to create memorable music across a variety of genres, along with his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, have made him the first choice of many producers and directors.

As a composer, Garrett has worked with or been influenced by many composers including Danny Elfman, John Debney, Chris Wong, David Newman and Hans Zimmer. Aside from writing for several Hollywood films, Garrett has also been a featured guest speaker on film scoring at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, and has taught many college classes and seminars on the art of film scoring and technology.

Garrett’s fascination in music began at the young age of three years old, where he began to learn piano. At ten years old, Garrett began to study music theory and took on many more instruments (primarily woodwinds). In his early preteens, Garrett was writing works for recitals of friends and himself and in his junior year of high school premiered his first full orchestra piece for his school’s spring concert. Garrett then earned his B.M. in Composition from California State University Northridge where he was awarded with the Oustanding Undergraduate Music Student as well as the Dean’s Music Student of the Year. He wrote for many award winning student films and has scored several Hollywood productions and international films. Garrett is about to start his masters certificate at the University of Southern California in film scoring. 

For more information and samples of his music, please visit his website:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

That's a WRAPPPP on Production!

Hey Everyone

For those of you who do not know, we have officially wrapped production on "Between the Forest and the Field"! We shot the film over the span of 7 days and we could not be happier with how the footage is looking, this is thanks to an amazing job done by both the cast and the crew!

This means that we are officially in post production! We are very lucky enough to have AFI 2nd year and editor extraordinaire Varun Viswanath cut the film. We have spent the past week watching dailies and getting ready to start put things together. The hope is to have a first cut of the film by the beginning of December and a teaser of the film out by Christmas.

In the mean time check out the films facebook page (link below) for all NEW set pictures. Please "like" the film and help spread the word!

In the mean time enjoy this picture from a night exterior we shot on Day 4! Thanks and until next time, all be well!