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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Screen Grabs

Hey Everyone

Here are some of the official Screen Grabs from Between the Forest and the Field Please check out the film's facebook to see the rest!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Production Status: Screen Grabs and Teaser Coming Soon

Hey Everyone

Ben here, I hope that the holiday season has been treating everyone well, I know it has been good to us. Varun and I have been working really hard on cutting the film and we are really happy with what we have so far. The goal is to have the film picture locked by the middle of January. Then start sound design and the score, with the goal of having a completed project by the middle of March to share with everyone!

Keep your eyes out for screen grabs from the film to be posted within the next week or so and maybe even a trailer for the film sometime in January. Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Annnndd We Have A Composer!

Hey Everyone

I am pleased to announce that Garrett Crosby has officially signed on to score "Between the Forest and the Field". We have already started preliminary discussions about the score and I am beyond excited to work with him. His credits and qualifications are incredible, not forgetting to mention the fact that he is extremely passionate and ready to dive into making one hell of a score for this film. So please check out his bio and website, which are listed below.


One of the Co-founders and lead composers of ReelScore Productions; Garrett has been recognized as one of Southern California’s most prolific up and coming film composers of his time. His experience in film scoring can be credited from the student level to the professional level and his passion and love of music can be heard on every soundtrack written from his home studio in Hollywood California. His unique ability to create memorable music across a variety of genres, along with his reputation for being remarkably collaborative, have made him the first choice of many producers and directors.

As a composer, Garrett has worked with or been influenced by many composers including Danny Elfman, John Debney, Chris Wong, David Newman and Hans Zimmer. Aside from writing for several Hollywood films, Garrett has also been a featured guest speaker on film scoring at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, and has taught many college classes and seminars on the art of film scoring and technology.

Garrett’s fascination in music began at the young age of three years old, where he began to learn piano. At ten years old, Garrett began to study music theory and took on many more instruments (primarily woodwinds). In his early preteens, Garrett was writing works for recitals of friends and himself and in his junior year of high school premiered his first full orchestra piece for his school’s spring concert. Garrett then earned his B.M. in Composition from California State University Northridge where he was awarded with the Oustanding Undergraduate Music Student as well as the Dean’s Music Student of the Year. He wrote for many award winning student films and has scored several Hollywood productions and international films. Garrett is about to start his masters certificate at the University of Southern California in film scoring. 

For more information and samples of his music, please visit his website:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

That's a WRAPPPP on Production!

Hey Everyone

For those of you who do not know, we have officially wrapped production on "Between the Forest and the Field"! We shot the film over the span of 7 days and we could not be happier with how the footage is looking, this is thanks to an amazing job done by both the cast and the crew!

This means that we are officially in post production! We are very lucky enough to have AFI 2nd year and editor extraordinaire Varun Viswanath cut the film. We have spent the past week watching dailies and getting ready to start put things together. The hope is to have a first cut of the film by the beginning of December and a teaser of the film out by Christmas.

In the mean time check out the films facebook page (link below) for all NEW set pictures. Please "like" the film and help spread the word!

In the mean time enjoy this picture from a night exterior we shot on Day 4! Thanks and until next time, all be well!


Saturday, October 8, 2011


Day 1 went really well, we got everything we needed in Sherman Oaks and West Hollywood. Now we are onto day 2 in Santa Clarita! Here is a preview of what is on the way!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Official Website & Facebook Page!

11 days until we shoot! Everything is really coming together and we are getting really excited. We will be having a tech scout this weekend, then tests for costume/make up and stunt coordinator prep for the actors. Plenty of updates to come in soon, but in the mean time check out the films NEW official website!

Also check out and "like" us on facebook!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Location Update!

We are 99% locked on our primary location at Los Robles Ranch up in Santa Clarita. We will be shooting all of our exteriors and a good portion of our interiors. The place has a lot going for it-the thick orange brush will look beautiful on camera, the living room we are going to use has a great cabin field to it, and the house exterior is awesome.

This past Saturday, Ben and Sean, our DP, did a preliminary (yet very thorough) shot breakdown at all parts of the ranch that we are going to be using. Ideas will be thrown around and certain things will certainly change, but the two of them hashed out a lot of the movie right then and there. It will certainly make shooting go a lot smoother.

There was also a bit of a snafu, but not caused by us (this time). We were going about our business, doing the whole shot talk thing, when we look over at the hills that surround the property, and UH OH!

Thankfully, the nearby reservoir served as a boon for the fire fighting team, and all was well after a little while. Phew!

Check out some (not on fire) images of the ranch below. Till next time, good night and good luck!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Film is CAST!

Hey Everyone

It has been a little while but that is because we have been so busy, which is a good thing. One of the biggest updates we have to give out is that the rest of our film is CAST! The talent of this cast is amazing and I am extremely excited work with everyone of them.

Without further ado, I would like to formally introduce you to the rest of the cast of "Between the Forest and the Field".

Russal Sams has been cast as "Sam". Russel has appeared in numerous theater productions across Los Angeles, ten TV guest star appearnces, national commercials, twenty-five short films and ten feature films. He is best known for his role as "Dick" in Bret Easton Ellis' "Rules of Attraction" and opposite of Richard Gere in "The Flock,” Along with Richard Gere, Russell has had the honor of working opposite of John Hawkes, Claire Danes, Avril Lavigne, Val Kilmer, Dylan McDermott, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Leslie Bibb, and Ian Somerhalder.

Sarah Robson has been cast as "Mary". As a Southern Caifornia native, Sarah is no stranger to stage. She appeared in the LA premier of The Dead Eye Boy at the Pico Playhouse for Warrior Theatre, A Midsummer Nights Dream with Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum and Three Sisters at The Complex. Her film credits include the soon to be released feature "Don't Pass Me By", the award winning film by French director Anais Godard "the room: the chosen", and festival award winner "Chance". 


Benjamin Faigus has been cast as "Alex". As a Pennsylvania native, Ben caught the acting bug at a very young age, spending his childhood performing in school plays and musicals. A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and Boston University's graduate acting program, Ben has appeared as Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, Ben in Busy Doing Nothing (Playhouse West Film Festival 2011), and Arlan Chase in Real American Heroes (soon to hit the festival circuit).

Sloane Morgan Siegel has been cast as "Jamie". This West Virginia native maybe young but has already had great success in Los Angeles. Sloane has had a total of 47 bookings during the last eight months, including six pilots (including one for fox & two for HBO), five commercials, six features, twenty two short films and an appearance on The Jay Leno Show.

Liam McKanna has been cast as "Gabe". His bio is coming soon.

Well there you have it everyone! We are all very excited to finally shoot this film. Be on the look-out for more updates concerning location, locked shooting dates and the launch of our official website. Thanks for reading!

-Ben Mehlman

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Location Scout Numero Dos

Hey Fielders!

We got to check out a second location, the Los Robles Ranch in Santa Clarita, last weekend, and it may just be the place! It has several cabins, so we can mix and match exteriors to get exactly what we want. The 200+ acres look decidedly western/Californian, so not exactly the Northeastern feel we were originally going for. However, the change in look would bring about minimal change in the actual story and tone of the film. The owner of the ranch, was super helpful and accommodating, letting us check out every inch of her property. Hopefully we can work out the scheduling and budgetary logistics in the next week or so and nail down this place down. We'll keep you posted!

Here's a few photos from the scout:

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

$20,000+ Raised!

WEEEEE DIDDD ITT!!!! Thank you all so much for helping us raise the money for this project. I speak on behalf of the crew when I say that the support we have gotten from our friends and family is beyond humbling. We are soooo appreciative of every dollar that was given to us, I honestly do not think that our gratitude can be expressed simply through words.

If there is anyone who still wants to donate towards the film or pass the word around then feel free to do so. Film is an extremely expensive medium and every extra dollar raised will lead to one less compromise made.

Thanks again and keep updated w/ the films updates through our blog!

 -Ben Mehlman

Monday, August 1, 2011

Post 2: Office Casting Announcements/Only 9 Days Left!!!

Hey Everyone

Ben here, it gives me great pleasure to announce that we have officially cast Blake Robbins in the role of Daniel. Most of you will recognize Blake from The Office where he played Jim Halpert's brother Tom. His credits also include Oz, 24, Criminal Minds and Flash Forward. We are beyond excited to have Blake aboard and know that he will do great things with the role.

Please feel free to check out his website which includes his complete resume, head shots and acting reel.

Blake Robbins

We only have 9 days left everyone and have over $15,000 raise. WE ARE SOOO CLOSE, HELP US CLOSE THE DEAL!!!


P.S. Location updates coming soon

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Post 1: Location Scouting & Casting Updates w/ Pics!

Hey Everyone

Ben here, welcome to the first official "Between the Forest & the Field" blog post. This will be the best way to follow the progress of the film through pre-production, production and post-production. So let's get going with the updates!

Our kickstarter has been doing well, we are almost 60% of the way there! But we only have 13 days left, so if you have not donated now is the time to do so. If we do not reach our goal WE GET NOTHING! I'm sure everyone has it but here is the link to our kickstarter anyways.  DONATE AND SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Now to the fun stuff! We have been quite busy lately with trying to get this film together. The two big things that we have been tackling are the cast and the location. We had our first round of auditions this past Sunday and had quite the turn out of talented people. We are going to try and have more auditions/call backs in about a week because this weekend we are going location scouting!

This will actually be our second location scout and we will be going to Santa Clarita, CA.

The first location scout was in Newhall and we saw some beautiful locations. Attached below are pictures that I took.   

Possible Cabin 1



Possible Cabin 2

Possible Cabin 3

None of these places are a lock yet but they are all possibilities at this point. More updates to come after this weekend. Thanks for following!


P.S Give us your email at the top of the page to receive email updates