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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Location Update!

We are 99% locked on our primary location at Los Robles Ranch up in Santa Clarita. We will be shooting all of our exteriors and a good portion of our interiors. The place has a lot going for it-the thick orange brush will look beautiful on camera, the living room we are going to use has a great cabin field to it, and the house exterior is awesome.

This past Saturday, Ben and Sean, our DP, did a preliminary (yet very thorough) shot breakdown at all parts of the ranch that we are going to be using. Ideas will be thrown around and certain things will certainly change, but the two of them hashed out a lot of the movie right then and there. It will certainly make shooting go a lot smoother.

There was also a bit of a snafu, but not caused by us (this time). We were going about our business, doing the whole shot talk thing, when we look over at the hills that surround the property, and UH OH!

Thankfully, the nearby reservoir served as a boon for the fire fighting team, and all was well after a little while. Phew!

Check out some (not on fire) images of the ranch below. Till next time, good night and good luck!


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